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For the 1st of a series of courses entitled Drug Discovery/Development – Challenges & Solutions, held May 23rd-24th 2011 in Denmark, Pathology Experts GmbH invited Dr. Monique Wells to be one of six expert lecturers to speak about “Case Studies: Writing Non-clinical Reports – Avoiding Regulatory Issues.” Dr. Wells gave a lecture on a highly relevant topic (as judged by attendees) that was further praised by the attendees as being presented in a “clear and understandable” manner. She was also praised for “very good use of exact examples.”

During and immediately after the lecture, Dr. Wells engaged easily in interaction with the attendees to answer questions and clarify various points. Her presentation style lends itself to direct, productive communication with course attendees, while at the same time being relaxed enough to invite their participation.

Maurice G. Cary, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Director, Pathology Experts GmbH

At the 2010 annual National Toxicology Program (NTP) Satellite Symposium, Dr. Monique Y. Wells of
Toxicology/Pathology Services, Inc., Paris, France, gave an engaging and detailed presentation of an unusual
pulmonary vascular lesion in a mouse  that was being considered by the INHAND Cardiovascular Organ Working
Group (OWG) for non-neoplastic lesions. The NTP Satellite Symposium is a one-day meeting that is traditionally held in conjunction with the annual Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) Symposium with continuing education on the interpretation of pathology slides a primary goal. After Dr. Wells presented the lesion for voting, lively discussion ensued on the origin of the lesion, proposed alternative nomenclature, and methods that could be used for further characterization. Such discussion and input will ultimately provide valuable guidance as the OWG  prepares the draft nomenclature document on cardiovascular lesions.

Susan A. Elmore, MS, DVM, Diplomate ACVP
National Toxicology Program and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Dr Wells presented two topics to the staff of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals as part of the company’s Advanced
Toxicology Training Program on 26th November 2009 entitled “What Constitutes Background Data?” and “Stress
related Findings in Toxicology Safety Studies:  Organ Weight Changes”.  This program is part of the Continuing
Professional Development of the company’s staff and worldwide experts, from both within and external to the company, are invited to inform attendees to the program on the most up to date progress in the toxicological sciences.

Dr Wells’ extensive personal experience was brought to bear in both of her talks, and her many years of service in the evaluation and interpretation of toxicological pathology, and her ‘hands-on’ approach to problem solving, interspersed with personal anecdotes where problems were raised, and approaches to their solutions discussed, kept the audience enthralled throughout.  Dr Wells’ informed and knowledgeable presentation style provided the audience with practical solutions and approaches to the solution of problems which, for toxicologist and pathologist alike, are part and parcel of their everyday professional life.  Her real skill is in her disarming presentation style and her wealth of facts, the majority of which have been obtained through hard graft and personal endeavor simply cannot be found in any other written or electronic format.

I can thoroughly recommend Monique Wells as a clear communicator who speaks with personal authority based upon many years of experience in toxicology and toxicological pathology.  Interested parties can be assured that if Dr Wells accepts an invitation to speak on a topic she will come to it from a position of knowledge and will give a clear, accurate and concise and personal presentation that will leave the audience wanting more.

Prof John R Foster BSc, PhD, DipRCPath, FRCPath, FBTS
Editor in Chief,
Toxicologic Pathology
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals,
Alderley park,
United Kingdom
SK10 4TG

Productivity / Time Management

I had met Monique several times at events throughout the city and found that she inspires confidence and professionalism. After talking to her, it became clear that she can help change things with her words and ideas, so I invited her to a present a session on how to manage your e-mail at the institution where I work. It was called “Getting over E-mail Overwhelm.” I found it to be very useful and the attendees were very satisfied with her tips and advise on the issue. I personally liked the structure of the presentation, combining PowerPoint slides with a detailed explanation of each piece of advice. I recommend her work – you won’t regret engaging her!

Regina B. Prince
Community Liason Office Co-Coordinator
American Embassy, Paris

Monique’s presentation at the American Chamber of Commerce in France was extremely well received–the positive feedback kept flowing in. The audience was impressed by not only what she said, but also the passionate way in which she said it. Attendees were grateful for the opportunity to hear words of wisdom from such an accomplished professional.

Shari Leslie Segall
Chair, Professional Women’s Committee

It was a great pleasure having Monique Wells as one of our speakers in the National Training Day held in Valencia.

Monique delivered an excellent presentation! She taught us many time management techniques which are indeed very useful and easy to put into practice. These will no doubt help us to improve our daily routine and find ways to minimize stress, balance work and life, avoid being overwhelmed, prioritize, and delegate. In short, making time our ally!

No doubt we would like to invite Monique again for a future training session of EUMA Spain!

Glòria Gratacòs
National Chairman
Asociación Europea de Asistentes de Dirección
EUMA España / EUMA Spain

Dear Dr. Wells,

I want to thank you for your participation in the International Women’s Day Summit and Awards Luncheon in San Francisco on March 8th and 9th. Your participation on the Education and Training Session was extremely valuable and informative. The group of young women from Mission Neighborhood Center’s Mission Girls program found your sage advice on time management and work/life balance to be something they could implement today. Many of our guests spoke of the energy and connection you and your fellow panelists shared and transmitted to the audience. You were a special and valuable component of a very successful day and on behalf of Global Arts and Education, I thank you.

Shelley Bradford Bell
Executive Director, Global Arts and Education

“I recently participated in a Time Management survey and teleconference initiated and facilitated by Dr. Monique Wells. The initial time management questionaire was an excellent means of gathering relevant information for the subsequent journal article submission and course description. Because Dr. Wells is well acquainted with the discipline, she was able to tease out pertinent facts relevant to the questions that were posed. I also found her ability to pose thoughtful questions and to easily elicit each participant’s response was excellent. I would recommend the use of Dr. Wells for time managment training due to the unique combination of her many years of experience in the field coupled with her facilitative leadership abilities.”

Cynthia Davenport, Ph.D.
Owner/President TigerTox, Pharmaceutical Toxicology Services

Entrée to Black Paris™

It was such a pleasure to spend the morning with you and have our own private chance to talk and listen. I got so much valuable information and enjoyed meeting you immensely.

I will be in touch as I have questions…but won’t over do that. I know you are busy with your organization and work. So much of what you explained and filled me in on is important for my work.

Have a good spring and summer. I am grateful for your tailor made way of setting all this up. We may come back next year if we can afford it and I will be in touch.

Julie Landsman, writer and consultant

To Whom it may concern,

My name is Naida Culshaw, Executive Assistant to the Director at the American Library in Paris. As part of my duties I support our programming efforts by inviting speakers to present content which enriches our audiences experience living in and around Paris, while introducing links to the cultural history of the library. Monique Wells’ presentation of “Black Paris and the Myth of a Colorblind France” in February 2010 as part of our Black History celebrations was one such event.

Ms. Wells commands this topic and conveys it with a passion that’s infectious. Using images and interesting anecdotes, the presentation gave an overview of over 200 years of African-American history in Paris with a focus on the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as providing a taste of contemporary Black Paris. The presentation was enlightening, funny and engaging, inviting the audience to look outside the tourist routes to find traces of where this community had called home. The question and answer portion of the evening was not only animated but informative, as audience members shared their own experiences as people of color living in Paris, with added commentary and background provided by Ms. Wells.

I’d recommend Monique Wells and her presentation “Black Paris and the Myth of a Colorblind France.” It’s appropriate for all audiences who want to go further than the guide books.

Naida Culshaw
Executive Assistant to the Director The American Library in Paris

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