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We have all overstretched our personal boundaries at some point in life, and then struggled to regain the true happiness that comes from living with a sense of purpose and balance.  We all want great things for ourselves and for our loved ones as well. But we may not always know how to achieve this, particularly when we are overstressed, overworked, overwhelmed by our daily routines.

Living a well-rounded life means finding ways to fully embrace all that is
positive in our environment, while effectively managing all the challenges that career, school, home, and health send our way.  We must be especially careful not to let our challenges blind us to what is positive in our lives, for this is the quickest road to losing the equilibrium that we are striving for.

If you are a professional juggling the demands of job and family, a college student managing academic responsibilities and social activities, or an employer looking to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace, Dr. Monique Wells can provide you with the motivation, the tips, and the tools to attain the purpose and balance that you seek.

Dr. Wells’ work has taken her around the globe for consulting and speaking engagements in China, Germany, India, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA. One thing that she knows well is how to handle a fast-paced professional life and still have time for fun and adventure. She maximizes her time through a theory and practice of time management that she developed and now teaches to others who want to learn all they can, live their dreams, and lead a well rounded life.

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