Planning and Preparation Documents

Planning and Preparation Documents
Speaker Request Form [Word]  [PDF]
Pre-Program Questionnaire  for Schools and Student Organizations  [Word]  [PDF]
Pre-Program Questionnaire for Corporations and Associations [Word]  [PDF]
One-Sheet for Dr. Monique Y. Wells   [PDF]

Dr.  Wells’ Bios
Full Bio (386 words)  [Word]  [PDF]
Abbreviated Bio (220 words)  [Word]  [PDF]
Short Bio (159 words)  [Word]  [PDF]
Time Management for Travel Professionals Bio (174 words)  [Word]  [PDF]
Time Management for College Students – Bio (189 words)  [Word]  [PDF]

Dr.  Wells’ Speaker Introductions
Speaker intro – long  (212 words)  [Word]  [PDF]
Speaker Intro – short (160 words)  [Word]  [PDF]

Dr. Wells’ Website Links
Entrée to Black Paris™
Discover Paris!
Time Management: Inspiration and Implementation™

Audio and Video
Dr. Wells at G. R. N’Namdi Gallery in Chicago (video time – 6:04)
Time Management with the Organizing Genie (audio)

Articles, Blogs, and Media Links
"Time Management for Travel Professionals", Black Meetings and Tourism,  
September/October 2010

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